Who is at Fault in a Three-Way Car Accident?

who would be at fault in a three-way car accident

Car accidents can result in severe injuries as well as property damage as well as the pain and suffering which accompany both. If you have been involved in a three-way car accident, the first question is often who is at fault. In many cases involving three-way car accidents, the fault can fall on all three drivers, with the largest share squarely on the driver who primarily caused the incident.

The Causes of a Three-way Car Accident

how is fault determined in a three-way car accident

Often three-way accidents are the result of rear-end crashes when a vehicle hits the rear of another vehicle causing a chain reaction. In this situation, the rear car is nearly always liable for the accident. If, in this scenario, a third driver strikes the first two, that driver may also be found at fault and potentially liable for the driver or passengers in the front car.

Even so, the rear driver is not always at fault. For example, if a driver cuts off another driver and then puts on brakes, only to be hit by the following driver, the fault will probably be placed on the first driver. Should another driver rear-end them, the first driver will likely be at fault as well.

Of course, not all three-way crashes are chain-reaction accidents as a car turning into oncoming traffic could also be the cause. At other times, three-way accidents are caused by a distracted driver or a driver under the influence.

Common Injuries in Three-way Car Accidents

most common three-way car accident injuries

When you are involved in a three-way car accident, your first act should be to call the police and see that those injured receive the needed medical attention. The authorities, on their arrival, will take your testimony as well as that of the other drivers and any witnesses. The police will then add their own observations and gather any evidence regarding the accident. Because injuries from car accidents are not always immediately evident, it is important that everyone involved have a medical examination to prevent future pain and permanent damage.

Common injuries as a result of three-way accidents include:

These injuries may cause weakness, pain, and other issues. Your chiropractor will examine you thoroughly following an accident, ordering tests and evaluating injuries. X-rays and MRIs will be likely be used to diagnose your injuries. Once diagnosed, your chiropractor will, along with you, develop your unique plan of treatment designed to relieve your pain and help you fully recover. This treatment plan can include pain management, physical therapy, massage, and more to help you return to full strength.

If you have been injured in a three-way accident or chain reaction accident, the team at County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab are ready to aid you in your recovery with the necessary treatment to alleviate your pain and help you recover fully. Don’t hesitate, reach out to the team today and get your recovery started.

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