Texting and Driving Car Accident Chiropractors
April 04, 2022

Did you know more than 3,000 lives were claimed in 2020 due to distracted driving? The accident doctors at County Line Chiropractic want you to be safe, so we’re presenting you with crucial information about National Distracted Driving Awareness Month to help keep you and your family safe.

If you’ve been injured by a distracted driver, schedule an appointment with the Accident Recovery Team at County Line Chiropractic Medical & Rehab Centers today.

What Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month?

Distracted Driving Car Accident Chiropractors

National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, held in April every year, is a campaign to bring attention to the dangers of distracted driving. Congress passed a resolution in March 2010 designating April as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, inspired by the story of 9-year-old Erica Forney, who was killed by a distracted driver when she was riding her bike home.

Why Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month Important?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,142 people were killed in distraction-related crashes in 2020, representing 8.1% of all fatalities that year. 

By bringing attention to the dangers of driving while distracted, National Distracted Driving Awareness Month aims to reduce distracted driving-related fatalities, saving hundreds of lives or more each year.


  • Texting while driving is illegal in 43 states and heavily regulated in the other 7.
  • Those who text and drive spend an average of 10% of their driving time outside their lane.

How to Observe Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Here are a few ways you can observe Distracted Driving Awareness Month:

  • Drive responsibly. Take it upon yourself to drive responsibly and pay attention to the road, while also pressing upon your teen drivers the importance of putting their phones away while they drive.
  • Listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts while driving. Audio-only entertainment is much safer than texting or doing anything else with your phone while on the road.
  • Take a road trip with friends. What better way to celebrate Distracted Driving Awareness Month than taking a road trip with your friends and keeping each other accountable during the entire drive?

What Are the Dangers of Distracted Driving?

Taking your hands off the wheel, eyes off the road, or any other type of distraction increases your risk of car accidents, serious injuries, and death.

How Common Are Distracted Driving Accidents?

Approximately 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 injured every day in the United States due to distracted driving.

What Are the 4 Types of Distractions While Driving?

Distracted Driving Car Accident Chiropractors

Distracted driving isn’t limited to texting and driving. There are 4 types of distractions you may encounter while driving:

  • Visual: Looking at something other than the road
  • Manual: Handling something other than the steering wheel (such as food or drinks)
  • Auditory: Hearing something unrelated to driving
  • Cognitive: Thinking about something other than driving

Injured By a Distracted Driver? Contact a Car Accident Chiropractor

If you’ve been injured in a car accident where distracted driving was involved, visit the Accident Recovery Team at County Line Chiropractic Medical & Rehab Centers today. Make an appointment at one of our 6 South Florida locations by clicking here or calling 800-811-1231.

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