Safety Tips for Ridesharing Apps
August 08, 2019

In a recent study by the Booth Business School at the University Chicago, the latest evidence demonstrates ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft, are making roads less safe and contributing to a greater number of traffic fatalities across the country including South Florida. Researchers found traffic deaths have increased three percent since the introduction of ridesharing apps.

The study utilized traffic data – transportation options, overall traffic volume, accidents, fatalities – from major U.S. cities and site statistics before and after the rise of the ridesharing apps. With the advent of ridesharing services in 2011, the death toll for car accidents increased three percent in the first year and continues to increase as the apps’ popularity rises. Researchers theorize part of the reason lies in the fact that Uber and Lyft increases the number of cars on the road for longer periods. The increased fatality rates are higher in larger cities which have more rideshare drivers at work.

Staying Safe While Using Ridesharing Apps

While the study indicates rising car accidents and fatalities are a result of ridesharing apps, there are other inherent safety issues as well. There have been multiple instances of assault, and even murder directly related to ridesharing apps (either by drivers or those imitating drivers), which begs the question, “How can you stay safe as you utilize ridesharing apps?”

Ridesharing services are quite popular, particularly in large cities and vacation meccas like those in South Florida and provide a useful service for those enjoying the area’s nightlife, beaches, hotels, restaurants, and more. Even so, there are always a small number of individuals who seek to do harm to others, but there are also ways you can stay safe. Here’s how:

  • Stay inside while you wait for your ride. Order your rideshare from inside and wait there until your chosen app indicates the driver is at your location.
  • Before entering the car, make sure to check the license plate, driver’s name, and photo to ensure it all matches the information on the app. Remember, you can only request rides via the apps, so there shouldn’t be a driver who just happens to be offering rides for Uber or Lyft. And one final note, ask the driver for the name of the person they are picking up – you! If the facts don’t add up, don’t get in the car, and report the incident.
  • If you are riding solo, sit in the backseat. By doing so, you’ve created a barrier, personal space, and the ability to exit on either side of the vehicle.
  • Better yet, share your ride with others. It can be a friend, or you can request carpool services, either way, you’ve added a measure of safety and saved a bit of money as well.
  • Use the “Share Status” option. This allows you to let a friend or relative know you are en route and provides details regarding your driver.
  • During your ride, don’t share your personal details with the driver. Drivers don’t need to know where you live or stay, how long you’ll be in town, or any other personal information.
  • When your trip is safely completed, rate your driver, letting the company know if you felt uncomfortable at any point, so the appropriate action can be taken.

Now that you know safety tips for using ridesharing apps, it’s important to use what you’ve learned to avoid any dangerous situations using Uber or Lyft. But, what happens when you are injured in a car accident while riding in an Uber or Lyft vehicle? Call County Line Chiropractic Medical & Rehab Center if you’ve been hurt in a rideshare accident in South Florida, and we’ll design a customized care plan to get you on the road to recovery.

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