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December 12, 2020

If you have ever been in a car accident, you know how horrifying crashes can be and probably the common injuries that come along. However, it is important to know that even in minor accidents, all victims respond differently because every individual and every accident is unique. Some people face the trauma of anxiety as a result of a car collision, while others may experience disorientation or shock, making it difficult to discern the extent of physical injuries. 

In fact, some physical injuries may not manifest until days after the accident. If you have been involved in a car accident and signs and symptoms begin days after your accident, the well-qualified team at County Line Chiropractic Medical & Rehab Centers can help. 

Watch Out For These Delayed Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident

Delayed Back Pain - Car Accident Chiropractor

When you have been involved in a car accident, regardless of how minor it may seem, seeking medical care is crucial to your recovery. Here are some common delayed injury symptoms you need to look for following your accident: 

  • Pain or  Stiffness in Your Neck or ShoulderWhiplash is among the most common delayed injuries following an accident. Whiplash is often the result of a rear-end collision, many times at low speeds. If you are suffering from pain or stiffness in your neck, shoulders, or your normal range of motion is limited, you should immediately contact an experienced chiropractor. 
  • HeadachesHeadaches are also common delayed injury symptoms which may manifest days after your accident. Headaches may resolve on their own, but they can also be a sign of a more serious condition like a concussion or blood clot. 
  • Back PainBack pain can occur days after your accident, a result of damage to vertebrae, nerves, muscles, or ligaments in the back. Rear-end collision and side-impact crashes often result in lower back pain. 
  • Numbness – Often described as numbness or a loss of feeling in the hands or arms, these symptoms can indicate whiplash, or other possible damage to the neck or spine. 
  • Pain or Swelling in the Abdomen – Pain or swelling in the abdomen is often indicative of internal bleeding. Other common signs of internal bleeding include dizziness or deep bruising. Internal bleeding can be a life-threatening injury if not diagnosed and treated quickly.

Whenever you are involved in a car accident you should contact County Line Chiro. We will provide you with a customized care plan, including needed tests (Digital X-rays and  MRIs) and therapies.

Call the Experienced Team at County Line Chiropractic Medical & Rehab Centers 

If you have experienced delayed injury symptoms after a car accident and require medical care, the team of experts at County Line Chiropractic can help you get the quality care you need to alleviate your pain and restore you to complete health and wellness. Contact us today at (800) 811-1231

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