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January 01, 2021

After a car accident, seeking medical attention is often the key to ongoing good health and wellness. Many times, especially in what appears to be a minor accident, pain and injuries manifest days or even weeks later. Calling on a trusted chiropractic team can help, not only for your physical recovery but also if you were wrongfully harmed in a car accident. Choosing the right chiropractor can be confusing, but we got your back. 

Here are five tips for choosing a chiropractor after your car accident and for your car accident case. 

1. Ask about experience in the field, particularly in the treatment of car accident injuries when choosing a chiropractor 

choosing a chiropractor after a car accident injury

The chiropractic team you select should have extensive experience in the treatment of car accident pain and injuries. In addition, you will want to choose a chiropractic team that provides fast, convenient appointments with a history of accurate diagnoses and personalized care. 

At County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers, you will get a caring, professional approach from the team with more than 30 years of experience in treating car accident injuries and relieving pain. The team at County Line is trained in accident trauma rehab related to vehicle accidents and other injuries.

2. Inquire about legal knowledge regarding “at fault” cases.

Choosing a chiropractor and signing documents after a car accident

The chiropractor you select should have extensive medical knowledge, but also be knowledgeable in state laws regarding car accidents, as well as the legal principles of “at fault” cases.  This does not mean they are qualified to practice law but understand the significance of preserving evidence in your case and the ability to present that evidence, even at trial if necessary after a car accident.  

At County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers, the team is well-qualified to ensure the evidence required is preserved and ready to present as needed. 

3. Ask about documentation and evidence preservation when choosing a chiropractor  

Gathering documents following a car accident

Each personal injury case is unique, and choosing a chiropractor who has extensive medical knowledge, awareness of legal principles and the capability to document and preserve evidence as needed for your case is extremely important. This often means establishing damage and documenting physical injuries resulting from the accident to be used as evidence in support of your case. 

At County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers, you can count on the team to document your physical injuries and protect that evidence as related to your case. 

4. Inquire about Car Accident Case Support

Choosing a chiropractor and gather documents

The chiropractor you chose should act as a supportive resource for your legal team, establishing and protecting evidence needed to support your legal claims. At County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers, the chiropractic team is ready to provide the needed medical testimony to support your legal claims and help your legal team deliver the best possible outcome.

5. Ask about the Ease and Convenience of Appointments, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

 Choosing a Chiropractor and setting up an appointment

The chiropractor you select following your car accident should be available when you need them, with easily accessible and convenient appointments, followed by accurate diagnosis and treatment of your injuries. At County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers you will find quick, convenient appointments and walk-ins as needed to ensure you receive timely and effective treatment; all while establishing the evidence related to your accident injuries.  

The County Line team has more than 36 years of experience in treating car accident victims and can quickly and accurately diagnose injuries, develop a personalized treatment plan, and provide the needed medical documentation to be used as evidence for your case. 

Getting the Help You Need

chiropractor team, car accident injury

At County Line Chiropractic, every patient is treated like family with quality, personalized care. Remember, choosing a chiropractor after your accident is important to ensure your full recovery. The professional teams at each of the County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers are ready to restore your health and relieve your pain following your accident and help your attorney if you have been wrongfully injured. Call or visit today. 


Please note: County Line Chiropractic, in relation to COVID-19 continues to maintain strict hygienic practices (CDC and State Reopening protocols) to ensure your safety at every point of contact.

choosing a chiropractor

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