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Numbness Relief

Are you experiencing numbness after a car accident? The violent forces created by auto accidents - even at low speeds - can cause a variety of injuries that may have numbness as a symptom, including whiplash, sciatica, dislocated bones, spinal cord swelling, deep cuts, nerve damage, spinal disc herniations, pinched nerves, and blunt force trauma to the head, legs, or arms.

Luckily, depending on your injury, County Line Chiropractic may be able to offer you numbness relief. We have a variety of therapies that may help, including spinal manipulation, massage therapy, ultrasound, physical therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and heat therapy.

Diagnosing numbness

Signs and symptoms

Depending on what is causing the numbness, symptoms vary and may include:

  • Full or partial paralysis of the hand, arm, toes, or leg
  • Tingling or prickling in any part of the body
  • Decreased or increased sensitivity of the skin to cold or hot temperatures
  • Muscles twitching uncontrollably
  • Sharp, radiating pain in the back or neck that travels to the limbs
  • Falling or clumsiness
  • Sensitivity to touch

Your health is our top priority

How we help

  • Diagnose your cause of pain

    During your first consultation, your chiropractor will start by asking you a few questions about your medical history, perform a physical examination, discuss your symptoms, and will perform a digital X-ray or MRI to develop a working diagnosis for your back pain.

  • Customize a treatment plan

    Once your injuries are diagnosed, your doctor will perform a non-invasive chiropractic adjustment using minimal force and gentle pressure to stretch the spine and isolate the affected area, move the herniated disc away from the nerve, and relieve pain and inflammation.

  • Monitor your recovery progress

    Depending on the severity of your herniated disc, your customized treatment plan may vary in the number of required follow-up visits. The good news is that County Line Chiropractic may help you feel better and you’ll be on the road to enjoying a higher quality of life.

Ready to find numbness pain relief caused by car accident injuries?

If you are experiencing numbness, make an appointment with the professionals at County Line Chiropractic Medical & Rehab Centers. We will do a thorough exam, including imaging when appropriate, figure out what is causing your numbness or pain, and create a customized care plan to help you find the numbness relief that will improve your quality of life.

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