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Cluster headache

Often thought of as one of the most painful types of headaches, cluster headaches are a series of relatively short but extremely painful headaches that can occur everyday for weeks or even months at a time. Usually cyclical, the person will have frequent bouts of cluster headaches with periods of time without any symptoms whatsoever. Although it is unknown why cluster headaches occur, it has been speculated that they are related to seasonal changes or spinal misalignments, also called subluxations. If you are suffering from bouts of cluster headaches, County Line Chiropractic can assist in the healing process by improving the way your brain and body communicate through restoration of joint motion and proper nervous system functioning.

Diagnosing cluster headaches

Signs and symptoms

The symptoms of a cluster headache include a sharp, burning pain that often begins while the person is sleeping and are often centered on one eye, causing the pupil to constrict and the eyelid to droop. Additionally, pain may radiate from the center to other areas of the head, causing a flushed face, tearing eye, or even a runny nose.

Cluster headaches may last as short as 15 minutes to as long as three hours. During the period of cluster headaches, attacks often occur every day at regular times. After the period is finished, the person may not have another cluster period for months or years.

Although the true cause of cluster headaches in unknown, the season is the most common trigger for cluster headaches, often resulted from stimulation of the hypothalamus. Although nothing is proven, most people report correlations between triggers such as alcohol, smoking, certain foods, bright lights, and many others.

  • Excruciating pain, often centered on one eye
  • Redness in affected eye
  • Drooping Eyelid
  • Excessive Tearing
  • Flushed Face
  • Runny Nose

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How we help

  • Diagnose your cause of pain

    During your first consultation, your chiropractor will start by asking you a few questions about your medical history, perform a physical examination, and discuss your symptoms to develop a working diagnosis. An X-ray or MRI may be needed to determine proper treatment.

  • Customize a treatment plan

    Once your diagnosis is determined, your doctor will perform a non-invasive chiropractic adjustment using minimal force and gentle pressure to alleviate pressure and restore proper nervous system functioning, which should help ease the symptoms of your cluster headaches.

  • Monitor your recovery progress

    Depending on the severity and frequency of your headaches, your customized treatment plan may vary in the number of required follow-up visits. The good news is that County Line Chiropractic may help you feel better and you’ll be on the road to enjoying a higher quality of life.

Ready to find relief from pain caused by cluster headaches or other conditions?

The pain from Cluster Headaches is known to be excruciating and unbearable. If you are suffering from bouts of cluster headaches, County Line Chiropractic can assist in improving the basic functioning of your body and nervous system, therefore allowing the cervical spine muscles that are often associated with headaches to relax. Come visit us at one of our six locations today!

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