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Joseph Hochstein
North Miami Beach Location

Born and raised just northwest outside of New York City, Dr. Joseph Hochstein attended both undergraduate and graduate school in upstate NY where he received his bachelors in physical education, a concentration in exercise physiology and later earned his doctorate in chiropractic. At an early age, Joe knew that he was meant to become a chiropractor. His uncle, Dr. Robert Hochstein, also a chiropractor, would adjust Joe on a regular basis growing up. 

'As a child, I always wondered why I should be getting adjusted regularly when I was not in pain. It wasn't until later in chiropractic college that I understood how important the nature of a properly functioning musculo-skeletal, immune, and nervous system is to achieving optimal health through chiropractic care.'

Due to his uncles positive influence growing up, Dr. Hochstein developed a strong passion for the profession and puts great emphasis on whole body wellness. 

As a former college lacrosse player and certified personal trainer, he has a deep appreciation for the structure and function of the human body. Dr. Hochstein enjoys discussing nutrition, proper exercise and emphasizes patient education, giving all of his patients the confidence and the knowledge necessary for maximum improvement. Outside the office, Dr. Hochstein enjoys staying active in the gym, going go the beach, reading books and spending time with his family. He continues to utilize chiropractic care to sustain his active lifestyle.

Dr. Hochstein strives to connect personally with each and every patient. He is passionate about serving others and strives to provide quality care for all his patients.

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