Understanding high blood pressure can help you manage your health. If you would like to know more about your risk factors, ask your health care practitioner to review this worksheet with you and take a blood pressure reading today. By filling out blood pressure information at the bottom of the page, you can track your readings over time. If you would like to know more about managing high blood pressure, talk to your medical doctor.

My Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure

Risk factors I have that I can control (check all that apply):

  • Being overweight
  • Not exercising
  • Eating too much salt or unhealthy foods
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Being stressed

Risk factors I have that I can’t control (check all that apply):

  • Being African American
  • Having a family history of high blood pressure
  • Growing older

My Blood Pressure Reading

Systolic pressure means how much pressure your heart uses to pump blood through your arteries.
Diastolic pressure means how much pressure is in your arteries as your heart rests between beats.
Date: / /
My blood pressure reading is:

This blood pressure may indicate: (check one)

  • Normal (less than 120 systolic and less than 80 diastolic)
  • Prehypertension (120-139 systolic and/or 80-89 diastolic)
  • Hypertension (140 and up systolic and/or 90 and up diastolic)

Your medical doctor can tell if you have hypertension if your systolic pressure is 140 or over and/or your diastolic pressure is 90 or over on at least 2 separate readings. These readings must be taken at least one week apart.

My doctor’s recommended range for my blood pressure is:

If high blood pressure is ignored, its effects can hurt your health. If your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure or you think you might have high blood pressure, it is important to see your medical doctor for advice.

Ask your health care practitioner if there are any tests, referrals, or treatments that might be helpful to use along with your current treatment plan. Call County Line Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment at one of our five chiropractic locations in South Florida!

Understanding High Blood Pressure

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