Doctors of chiropractic represent a healing profession of drugless, non-surgical health care. Chiropractors are well-trained doctors, specializing in the structure and function of the spine and joints of the body.

Making the Right Decision
Doctor selection is a personal choice. You may want to start with a referral from a friend of family member who has been satisfied with a specific chiropractor. The following questions, asked your chiropractor, may also serve as a guideline to help you make an educated selection.

What type of treatment frequency and duration should you expect, based on the chiropractor’s experience treating patients with similar conditions?
The typical chiropractic approach to health problems is to outline a short trial of care. Most patients respond to treatment within a short period of time. The chiropractor should discuss this with you and change the treatment if you do not feel as though you have improved.

What specific procedures would the chiropractor use to treat your condition?
Most chiropractors will recommend an adjustment / manipulative treatment. This treatment is used to restore normal joint function and decrease pain, swelling, and muscle spasms, as well as improve range of motion. The chiropractor may also choose to use physiotherapy modalities such as ice, heat, electrical muscle stimulation, or ultrasound, as well as therapeutic exercise and other appropriate healthy living changes. Whichever treatment the chiropractor recommends, you should be informed of the benefits and risks in language that you understand.

Does the chiropractor have contact with other health care provider to whom he or she refers for consultation?
In the event that you need non-chiropractic treatment, you should expect a referral to a medical or other health care specialist within your health plan.
Ask your chiropractor if there are any tests, referrals, or treatments that might be helpful to use along with your current treatment plan.

Will you be required to have an X-ray taken?
An X-ray is a tool a chiropractor may use to rule out bone disease, fracture, or dislocation. However, an X-ray is not always required to start treatment. You should be informed of the reasons for the X-ray, as well as the risks, in language you understand. Learn more about our cutting edge x-ray technology we use to quickly diagnose the source of your pain here.

Will the chiropractor suggest exercise or other changes to help improve and strengthen the area of complaint?
It is important that you are actively involved in your statement and rehabilitation. You should expect to be given instruction in the proper exercises needed to improve your problem. Additionally, it may be recommended that you use ice, heat, or other home-based treatments. You may also be instructed on efficient work postures, injury prevention, diet, and other health maintenance activities.

In closing, you should expect the doctor’s office staff to treat you with courtesy. When you call, they should assist you in a prompt and professional manner when answering your questions and making an appointment. Assess the personality of the office staff. Will you be comfortable working with them?
After meeting the chiropractor and office staff, determine for yourself if the chiropractor’s personality and approach seem reasonable. You should feel comfortable that you have made an informed choice.

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How to Choose a Doctor of ChiropracticHow to Choose a Doctor of Chiropractic

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