May 05, 2019

There are more SUVs on the road now than ever before. Larger than the standard sedan, these vehicles can create complications when involved in accidents. We’ve put together this post on the common types of injuries that result from SUV accidents. Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out more.

SUV Accidents

SUV’s have become synonymous with driving, whether it’s cities, suburbs, or rural areas. They have features that sedans and trucks don’t have, and are a great alternative to a minivan for families. But with the perks that come with SUV’s also come some of the dangers. SUV accidents can happen for an assortment of reasons, notably the danger that SUV’s have of accidental rolling.

They are much more likely to roll over or tip over than cars are. In fact, almost 35% of all deaths from passenger vehicle crashes were a result of SUV rollovers. There have been advancements in SUV safety in the past decade, so SUV’s are drastically safer than they used to be. However, there are still SUV accidents that result in injuries of varying degrees.

Head and Brain Injuries

Often in an SUV accident, the roof of the vehicle collapses. The violent force can mean head and/or brain injuries for the people inside the SUV. One potential injury that can be sustained as a result of an SUV accident is a concussion- which is when the brain is jarred around the skull. It can cause swelling, damage to the brain, or even chemical imbalances.

Symptoms of potential brain injury from a concussion are lethargy and confusion that continue for an extended period of time after the accident, as well as seizures or slurred speech. Other types of head injuries include skull fractures and facial lacerations from broken glass.

Spinal Cord, Back, and Neck Injuries

The force of the impact of an SUV rollover can cause slipped or herniated discs, or a bruised or broken spinal column. These are serious conditions that will require immediate medical attention. Whiplash, which is when the soft tissue inside the neck becomes strained, may occur as well. Stiffness and pain in the area can be immediate signs of whiplash, but it’s also a condition that might reveal itself a little later than immediate, obvious injuries.

Chest Injuries and Broken Bones

If an airbag in an SUV doesn’t deploy for any reason, you might experience bruised ribs or other impact chest injuries. Even if your airbag does deploy, there is always the chance for broken bones in other parts of the body, because of the violent nature of SUV crashes.

Soft Tissue Injuries and More

Torn and stretched ligaments, tendons, and muscles are also potential injuries from an SUV accident. These might not be as obvious to observe as other types of injuries, but they can have a serious effect on the way you move every day. And cuts, scrapes, and bruises can be painful reminders of your SUV accident as well.

SUV Accident Injuries

Now you know some of the potential injuries that can occur in SUV accidents. If you were involved in an SUV accident- whether you were the driver or not- and need guidance for how to best heal using chiropractic treatment, contact us today!

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