Mild discomfort after a chiropractor
April 04, 2021

After your first chiropractic visit, you may find yourself perplexed at the mild discomfort which lingers. Why do you feel worse when the goal was to feel better? The truth is this feeling of mild discomfort after a chiropractor is normal. It’s a result of the realignment of your spine and the surrounding muscles. As a unique individual, your reaction will be equally unique following your visit to the chiropractor. The team at County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers shares these tips on what to expect following your visit.


A Clear Explanation of the Process

Mild discomfort after a chiropractor

Your chiropractor and support staff will explain the process to you, including what to expect before, during, and after your adjustment. Their goal is to help you understand and feel comfortable during the process. Seeing the process and the adjustment through the eyes of your chiropractor helps you understand the examination and assessment, your diagnosis, and the overall treatment goals.


In addition, your chiropractor will listen to your concerns and your expectations and wants to know if you have any concerns or discomfort following your exam. The information you share can help the chiropractor explain the reasons behind mild discomfort and soreness, as well as help with more effective treatment of your issues.


Mild Discomfort After a Chiropractor Is NOT Unusual

Mild discomfort after a chiropractor adjustment, lady getting her neck and back adjusted

It is not unusual for patients to feel mild discomfort after a chiropractor, particularly after their initial adjustments. These reactions are simply the body adjusting to proper alignment after having been out of alignment. Previously weakened muscles are now supporting the body in healthy, appropriate ways, which can result in soreness and aching in joints and muscles.


Mild discomfort is a reaction to positive changes, similar to the muscle soreness you may feel after working out. If you had poor posture prior to your chiropractic adjustments, you will likely discover your muscles must readjust to supporting your spine in the proper ways. After a chiropractic adjustment, most patients feel pain relief immediately following their visit, but it is important to remember everyone is different and some patients experience brief, mild discomfort on their way to pain relief and wellness.


In some cases, the mild discomfort following a chiropractic adjustment is the result of toxins being released. The body responds by eliminating these toxins via a runny nose or more frequent bathroom breaks. This soreness lasts only about 24 hours. Drinking lots of water following your chiropractic adjustment can help the body rid itself of these toxins while nourishing the spine’s muscles and discs. Another way to minimize any discomfort following your initial chiropractic adjustments is by adopting healthier habits for the future.


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