COVID-19 Holiday Traveling Tips to Avoid Car Accidents
November 11, 2020

It is that time of year when family and friends are planning holiday trips. This year’s holiday travel plans will likely bring new challenges in light of COVID-19. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years approaching, this is the busiest travel period in the United States, many would-be travelers are unsure of making travel plans this year, though the number of people traveling continues to increase as states lift restrictions. 

For those who have been isolated during the pandemic, the promise of holiday reunions is a strong incentive. Even so, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to remind everyone staying home is the best protection and traveling increases the chances of spreading the coronavirus. 

Holiday Road Trip Safety Tips - Car Accident Chiropractors

If you are among those planning to travel for the holidays this year, here are some tips on how to stay safe during the holidays. 

  1. Traveling by Car – If you are traveling in your car, pack extra – with additional masks, hand sanitizer (at least 60 percent alcohol) and disinfecting wipes (at least 70 percent). Don’t count on buying supplies on the road or at your destination, as they may be out of stock. Pack snacks and drinks so you can keep stops to a minimum and thus interactions with others.
  2. Avoid Driving Distractions – Avoid texting, changing the music, and eating while you are on the road. Road trips to new cities and states often means new roads and driving laws, so it is important for the driver to pay attention at all times. 
  3. Know Mask Policies – CDC recommends masks for everyone two years or older. If flying, you’ll also want to know the mask policies for your airline. The same is true for train and bus travel. 
  4. Be Prepared for New Procedures – If you are traveling by air, rail, or bus, be prepared for new procedures. For example, you will likely need a temperature check before boarding. You will want to practice social distancing while passing through security, boarding, and using transit facilities. On major airlines, food and drink options have been reduced or eliminated, so if you want food or water, you’ll need to bring your own.
  5. Know the Pandemic Restrictions – Know the pandemic restrictions along your holiday travel route as well as at your destination. Some localities still have strict rules in place and mandatory quarantine measures. You can learn all you need to know from state and local authorities. 

If you are involved in a car accident during this year’s holiday season, contact the experienced and caring chiropractors at our 6 convenient County Line Chiropractic Medical & Rehab Centers:

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