Shoulder Pain After a Car Accident
January 01, 2019

Car accidents happen every single day. In fact, over 3 million car accidents occur in the United States each year.

Your shoulder and back area need special care after you suffer through a horrible car accident. There are options for you to treat your shoulder blade pain if you are feeling sore in that region of your body.

You need to seek chiropractic help after a car accident.

Keep reading to discover the five ways a chiropractor can help you sort out your shoulder blade pain as soon as possible.

Chiropractors Can Help with Posture-Related Pain 

After your car accident, you should seek assistance from a chiropractor to help with posture-related pain.

Your shoulders are going to experience a misalignment which means it’s important to fix these misaligned joints. A chiropractor understands the body and he or she can treat your pain with several treatment options.

From relying on the power of electrical muscle stimulation techniques to hands-on adjustments, your chiropractor will slowly move your shoulder blades back into the correct position.

Your posture will also suffer from this unfortunate misalignment.

Your posture will improve over time with the best spinal realignment exercises that your chiropractor can use on you.

Chiropractors Treat Pinched Nerves on The Shoulder Blades

Another perk of visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis is the fact that they can help with your pinched nerves.

Pinched nerves happen when the nerves that supply the neck and shoulder function abnormally after your car accident. The pinched nerves cause pain and stiffness between your shoulder blades.

The needle-like pain you feel on your shoulders relates to experiencing pinched nerves. Compressed nerves are serious and can disrupt the rest of your body for years to come unless a chiropractor works on them in your area.

Treat Shoulder Blade Pain With an Individual Plan

When you experience a car accident, you should consider choosing individual treatment plans curated to your body.

A chiropractor must take x-rays to look at the bones in your neck and back.

These x-rays will identify exactly what procedures you need to help ease your pain. The chiropractor will assess your x-rays to determine how to increase your flexibility and improve your range of motion. A course of action will normally take a few weeks or even a few months until you notice results.

Chiropractors Will Help You Recover Quickly

If you need to get back to work, you may want to seek out treatment from a chiropractor so you can recover faster than you would if you left your shoulders alone.

Let your chiropractor take care of you in a timely manner to get you back to normal as quickly as he or she can. After assessing your x-rays, you will be on a treatment routine to get your shoulders into proper alignment under the guidance of your doctor. 

Using a Chiropractor Means Minimally Invasive Treatment

One final reason to work with a chiropractor includes the minimally invasive treatment option it offers patients suffering from shoulder pain. Promote better health once you contact a chiropractor to use minimally invasive techniques on your body.

Some of these techniques include manual trigger point therapy and effective options that do not rely on drugs to be beneficial to the patient.

Are You Seeking Chiropractic Help? 

Reach out to us at County Line Chiropractic for treatment of your shoulder blade pain.

Don’t hesitate to talk to our helpful staff about our various services today.

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