Signs You Got Whiplash from your Car Accident
January 01, 2019

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, you may not have walked away as lucky as you think. Although it is a good sign if you only have a few scrapes and bruises on the outside, there could be internal issues affecting your body.

These are usually harder to identify and it can take a while for symptoms to appear because of all the adrenaline that goes through your body at the time of impact.

Such is often the case with car accident whiplash.

Here are 5 signs that you have whiplash and need medical attention.

There’s a Sharp Pain in Your Neck  

Whiplash mostly affects the upper body, particularly around the neck. It basically creates a fast jerking motion in your neck that can lead to serious injury – sometimes as serious as a concussion.

One of the more common results of whiplash is a sharp pain in the neck. This may feel like a knot or a tight muscle, but it’s not something you can just sleep off or ignore.

Moving Your Head or Upper Body Is Painful 

The pain in your neck may be constant, or it may only occur when you move your head in a certain direction. If you don’t get this taken care of right away, the pain can spread to your shoulders and back, making it harder to treat after time as passed.

You’re Getting Random Headaches 

Another way that pain occurs as a result of whiplash is in the form of headaches.

These may come and go, or you could get one constant headache depending on how intense your whiplash was. However intense your headaches are, the best thing to do is see a doctor rather than try to conquer them yourself.

You Feel Dizzy  

If your “headaches” are creating a sense of dizziness and disorientation instead of pain, you may be tempted to ignore them as nothing. But the reality is that this is a serious symptom of whiplash. The longer you downplay your dizziness, the worse it can get and the more issues you’ll encounter when you finally attempt to treat it.

Your Vision Is Blurred

The final sign that you have car accident whiplash is blurred vision. You may start to experience this right after the impact occurs or as far as a few days after the accident.

This is arguably one of the more serious symptoms of whiplash. The second your vision starts to blur, you need to seek medical attention and you should also try to take it easy throughout the day. Try to avoid things like driving, reading, and cooking until your vision is back to normal.

How to Treat Car Accident Whiplash

It’s one thing to be able to tell whether you have car accident whiplash and another to know what to do about it. The best way to treat any of the symptoms mentioned above is to see a chiropractor who has experience treating whiplash injuries.

While there are things you can do at home to make yourself more comfortable, only a doctor can get to the root of the problem and help you heal.

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