Motocycle accident injuries
February 02, 2021

Motorcyclists are far more vulnerable to injuries due to the lack of physical protection. Even a low-impact or low-speed motorcycle accident can inflict injuries that can lead to lifelong pain and complications. County Line Chiropractic urges motorcyclists who have been in an accident to schedule a medical exam immediately to diagnose and treat injuries before they become life-threatening.

5 Most Common and Treatable Motorcycle Accident Injuries


1. Whiplash

Motorcycle accident whiplash

Due to the lack of physical protection that motorcycles provide, motorcyclists are at higher risks of getting whiplash after an accident. Whiplash frequently manifests 24 to 72 hours after the motorcycle accident, so drivers should schedule a medical examination immediately after the accident to prevent untreated whiplash from causing additional pain and damage. Chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and at-home exercises can resolve many instances of whiplash.


2. Leg and Foot Injuries

motorcycle accident leg injury

Injuries to legs and feet are the most common type in a motorcycle accident. Leg and foot injuries associated with accidents include strains, fractures, sprains, and road rash. Most leg and foot injuries can be treated with massage therapy, physical therapy, and other therapies offered at all six County Line Chiropractic Medical & Rehab Centers.


3. Misalignment in the Hips or Pelvis

hip alignment injury

Trauma to the hips or pelvic area can cause misalignments that affect the entire body. Like whiplash, such misalignments may not display visible symptoms until days or weeks after the motorcycle accident. This is another reason why an “uninjured” motorcyclist should schedule a medical exam after an accident. A combination of chiropractic therapy and at-home exercises can relieve most instances of misalignment in the hips or pelvis.


4. Back Injuries

Motorcycle accident back injury

Motorcyclists’ backs are especially vulnerable. Back injuries resulting from traffic accidents include fractures, herniated discs, and spinal misalignments. Back injuries can lead to permanent damage and severe pain if left undiagnosed, so early detection of these types of injuries is vital. Motorcyclists who are not in accidents may be prone to back injuries as well due to the combination of extended riding and the unnatural posture associated with riding. Chiropractors can treat non-emergency back injuries with chiropractic therapy, massage therapy, and more.


5. Rider’s Arm

Rider’s arm occurs when motorcyclists raise one or both of their arms to protect their head and body during an accident. Rider’s arm can lead to damage to the motorcyclist’s shoulder, arm, and hand due to the impact. Chiropractors can treat rider’s arm with effective, non-invasive chiropractic adjustments.

County Line Chiropractic provides comprehensive rehabilitation services for motorcyclists who have been in a traffic accident. We treat accident-related injuries including whiplash, herniated discs, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and nerve damage.

We have six offices in Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Lauderhill, and East Fort Lauderdale; all of our locations have car and motorcycle accident chiropractors.

Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form, by calling us at (800) 811-1231, or by walking in to any of our locations.

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