Injured while driving someone else's car
April 04, 2020

When there is a car accident with injuries, generally the insurance of the person who is at fault is responsible for car repairs and medical bills of those injured. But, what happens if a friend who is driving your car has an accident and is injured? Or what if you were driving your friend’s car and you had an accident in which you were injured? Who is responsible to pay for repairs and injuries? Is it the responsibility of the driver’s insurance or the car owner’s insurance? Are you liable if someone was driving your car? Let’s explore what you need to do if you are injured while driving someone else’s car.

Get Medical Help 

Chiropractic Care Car Accident South Florida

Even when you don’t feel pain following the accident, it is important to seek medical treatment. Often in a car accident, you may walk away feeling okay, but you should still see a chiropractor for an evaluation. Some injuries related to your accident may present days or even weeks after your accident. Your chiropractor will assess your condition to determine if you have any underlying injuries which may manifest later. Even minor car accidents can result in injury, so seeing a medical professional following your accident can help you fully recover. Regardless of whose car you were driving, getting medical assistance should always take precedence.

Insurance Issues

Car Insurance Injured in Someone Else's Car

In nearly all cases, insurance travels with the vehicle, not with the driver. Thus, your insurance company covers claims involving your vehicle, no matter who is driving, so if your friend borrows your car, with permission, and has an accident, your insurance is responsible. This is commonly known as permissive use. The owner of the vehicle’s car insurance is used until the policy benefits are used up.

If the accident severity is high, with damages exceeding your policy’s limits, the driver’s insurance, if he or she has it, may go into effect. In most instances, those living in your home are covered while using your vehicle, unless you have excluded them.

Likewise, if you borrow your friend’s car, with permission, and have a wreck, his or her insurance is responsible. If you borrow an uninsured car, you are taking on the risk, should an accident occur, and you, not the owner of the vehicle, will be liable for any damages that occur.

Insurance Rates

If your friend borrowed your vehicle and had an at-fault collision, your insurance rates will probably go up. While it doesn’t sound fair, by lending your car to your pal, legally you have agreed to be responsible for his or her actions while they are driving your vehicle. The rate rise can range from 30 percent to 80 percent depending on the state and the insurance carrier.

Drive Carefully

If you are loaning out your vehicle to a friend or borrowing a car from one, it is important to be careful while driving.

Regardless of who owns the vehicle, if you have been involved in a vehicle crash, it is crucial that you seek medical attention following the accident. The expert team at County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab is ready to help you recover fully and return to full health.


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