Common Shoulder Injuries After Car Accidents
January 01, 2022

Like any other type of medical treatment, chiropractic care works best when you actively participate in your own recovery. With that in mind, there are several things your car accident chiropractor wants you to do to maximize the effectiveness of your customized care plan.

From the Accident Recovery Team at County Line Chiropractic, here are 5 things you should do during and after your treatment.

Get an X-Ray

Car Accident Chiropractor - Back Pain

Chiropractors at County Line Chiro, will take an X-Ray, MRI, or other imaging at your initial appointment. This imaging helps to diagnose the cause of your pain and shows the chiropractor whether there are any special things they need to focus on to adjust and treat you safely.

With the diagnosis in hand, your car accident chiropractor can create a customized care plan with all the treatments you need to recover – and none that don’t benefit you.

Eat Healthy

Car Accident Chiropractor - Eat Healthy Tips

It should come as no surprise that eating well is better for your overall health and wellness. The better your overall health is, the more effective your chiropractic treatments will be at improving your quality of life.

While your chiropractor may give you specific nutritional advice, general guidelines include cutting out sugar, simple carbohydrates, and processed foods.


Car Accident Chiropractor - Exercise Tips

Your chiropractor may give you specific exercises to perform that will help you recover from your injuries, or they may recommend simply getting a certain amount of exercise each week. Exercise helps provide joints and muscles with robustness and flexibility, which is excellent for your overall health and may help you recover from your injuries more quickly.

Additionally, exercise strengthens your muscles and improves your joints, which can help prevent new injuries or a recurrence of your existing car accident injuries.


Car Accident Chiropractor Tips - Rest

More than one-third (35.2%) of adults in the United States sleep an average of fewer than 7 hours a night, but adults should get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. On the other hand, too much sleep isn’t good for you, either. Regularly sleeping more than 8-9 hours each night may indicate underlying health issues.

Getting the right amount of sleep helps your body cells and tissues develop and grow while also releasing stress and tension in joints and muscles.

Focus on Prevention

Chiropractic care is about more than just fixing a problem and moving on with your life; the goal is to restore your health over the long term. To prevent re-injury or new injuries, pay attention to how you sleep as well as how you move throughout the day (walking, sitting, standing).

Your chiropractor can give you specific advice on how to perform your job and get through life as ergonomically as possible. Sleeping wrong, slumping, or slouching can undo chiropractic care.

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