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June 06, 2020

Aches and pains due to minor or major car accidents are still happening during the COVID-19 pandemic. When pain occurs, your chiropractor is an excellent resource to gain relief and return your body to optimal function. 

With a variety of successful treatment options at their disposal, your chiropractor at County Line Chiropractic will design a customized care plan for you to alleviate your pain and help you heal naturally. 

Given the warranted concern regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, County Line Chiropractic is open and employing strict hygienic guidelines as recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The goal is to ensure every patient is cared for in a safe environment, without fear of COVID-19 infection, while also protecting each member of their staff. 

For County Line Chiro this means implementing all CDC recommendations including mask, gloves, and face shields, as well as cleaning protocols like sanitizing all tables and patient contact points after each visit. At your appointment, your temperature will be taken, and you will be asked to answer a detailed questionnaire, as well as wear a mask during your appointment. Patient visits are being staggered, and patients are required to remain six feet apart to reduce the chance of spread and flatten the curve. 

Ensuring Accident Recovery

As essential workers, all County Line Chiropractic locations are open, serving their communities, with safe and effective chiropractic care. The team at County Line Chiropractic are experts at helping you recover from your accident injury. Always putting your wellness first, County Line’s chiropractors work to accurately diagnose your injury and work with you to create a customized care plan of treatment which you can begin right away. Common accident injuries treated successfully at County Line include:

Because the human body is composed of numerous bones, nerves, muscles and other components which function together, generalized pain may affect other parts of your body. If you are experiencing difficulty in simply getting on with your daily life, exercising, or working, as a result of unresolved pain, our chiropractors will find the source of that pain and set you on the path to full recovery. 

County Line Chiropractic Medical & Rehab Centers are also experts in relieving the pain of many ongoing neuromusculoskeletal conditions naturally, including carpal tunnel, migraines, pinched nerves, sciatica, planter fasciitis, and other conditions. 

Alleviating Pain and Staying Safe at Your Chiropractic Appointment

Whether you have been involved in an accident or are experiencing chronic pain, the team at County Line Chiropractic can help. Since 1986, County Line has helped thousands of patients overcome injuries and pain through thoughtful, in-depth examinations and the development of personalized treatment plans for optimal recovery. 

Our team consists of medical professionals ready to treat pain and injuries of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Whether you have chronic back pain or have been injured in a car accident, County Line Chiro is ready to deliver the care and treatment you require.  During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as essential workers, they are ready to help alleviate your pain and return you to full health. Call on the team at County Line Chiropractic to get the help you need for your accident pain. 

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